Our entertainment solutions balance consumer demand for control over content and new ways to engage, with the need to build profitability in the new media landscape.

eBridge added-value solutions create the connection between traditional disc distribution and alternative ways of sharing content, offering consumers flexibility and industry professionals new opportunities to generate revenue.

eBridge digital promotions enable bonus download incentives, while Facebook credits and digital sweepstakes create engaging calls to action. If you have a specific challenge we can create custom promotions to meet your brief.

eBridge mobile solutions ensure your video and games promotions can be accessed on the move. We create mobile apps to provide bonus content, or QR codes to connect to trailer streaming, sweepstakes, incentives, email opt-ins and more.

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QR Codes

Mobile Apps

NFC Tags

QR Codes

eBridge QR codes allow consumers instant access to digital content with one click of a Smartphone's camera. eBridge QR codes can integrate with the other eBridge campaign channels to provide a fully seamless customer experience. Insight is captured by eBridge Analytics...in real-time, allowing 360 degree campaign intelligence.

eBridge QR codes provide new ways to promote brands to consumers. The QR code instruction can be captured via a Smartphone camera to instantly download content, launch an application, receive calendar dates or contacts and more. QR codes can be read by all barcode readers ensuring optimum reach for your campaign.

Instant Engagement

eBridge QR codes can be activated on the spot, whether the consumer is out of home, browsing a magazine or reading product packaging in a store. Engagement is instant and your message acted on before the moment is lost.


QR codes have the broadest market reach of any 2D code format and can be used with all barcode readers, ensuring your campaign has large-scale impact.

QR codes can be used for:

  • Bonus content
  • Sweepstakes and incentives
  • Facebook likes, check ins and Twitter follows
  • Visiting web assets
  • E-mail opt-ins

eBridge's solutions for marketers enhance the consumer journey, connecting physical and digital channels and allowing users to engage on the go. We help clients build direct relationships with their target audiences and develop deeper customer insight.

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Create captivating experiences that take consumers from print, to personalized rich media, web and beyond. eBridge Arc lets marketers deliver high-quality video, audio, applications, documents or files into the hands of their audience and drive them seamlessly online to continue learning - personalizing the journey and tracking engagement at every step along the way.

This diverse marketing tool can be integrated into a limitless range of formats including low cost mailers, publication inserts and on-pack promotions.

Track engagement at every step of the consumer journey, with eBridge Analytics - our real time, custom reporting platform.

eBridge Arc uses patented 'one time processing' flash memory. It can't be erased, modified or copied and offers 100% protection against malware, viruses and fraud.

Use eBridge Arc to:

  • Create interactive product showcases
  • Take consumers on personalized virtual tours
  • Securely share educational videos or interactive training tools
  • Drive from product to web with on-pack promotions
  • Share trailers or previews with an exclusive audience
  • Reduce print and packing by delivering documentation digitally

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While embracing new means of content distribution such as the internet and mobile devices, content owners still need to develop and deploy value-added solutions and applications around the physical media. Only by doing this can they maintain their most important revenue streams and close the gap between the traditional business and the new business models.

This is why at Sony DADC, we have invested more than 10 years developing value-added solutions around the physical media. Since starting this process, we have shipped more than 1 billion discs globally featuring our solutions around DRM for Games, Software, Video and Music as well as our eBridge solutions enabling marketing applications and on-disc consumer transactions.


eBridge closes the gap between offline and online entertainment. eBridge is an integrated cross-media application that enables the end consumer to access additional content that resides on the disc or online. eBridge employs unique serialization per disc and a content or web access application.

Potential applications for eBridge include:

  • Bonus content applications for music
  • Bonus and additional content applications for home entertainment
  • Direct Marketing
  • Magazine covermount campaigns
  • Education and training programs
  • One-to-one surveys

Use eBridge to:

  • Offer additional content and bonus to the consumer
  • Measure your end-users' responses and gain market intelligence
  • Provide immediate feedback through web-enabled applications
  • Create customized surveys

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eBridge mobile solutions ensure your video and games promotions can be accessed on the move. We create mobile apps to provide bonus content, or QR codes to connect to trailer streaming, sweepstakes, incentives, email opt-ins and more.

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Discover the powerful cross-channel analytics tool from Sony DADC. eBridge Analytics delivers in-depth, real-time analysis for physical to digital campaigns.


Product Registration


Direct Marketing


Direct Marketing


Direct Marketing

Pearl Jam

Entertainment Promotions


Direct Marketing


Entertainment Promotions

Sony Blu-Ray

Product Registration

Sony Bravia

Product Registration

    The Electrolux Frigidaire Story

    With the purchase of a Frigidaire dishwasher, consumers received an interactive registration disc that allowed them to open a warehouse of useful product information and discounts on future product rchases.

    After inserting the eBridge disc, users are prompted to register their new appliance by filling out their name, address, and phone number. eBridge auto-fills the product model and serial number, making easy for consumers to register their purchase. As a reward, registered consumers are given a 20% voucher off their next Frigidaire purchase. The disc is also filled with a variety of information to lp the recipient learn more about their new product, including an interactive tour of product features, a troubleshooting guide, user manuals, and a bonus features page that leads users to Frigidaire's line site to view and purchase accessories and other products.

    The eBridge disc provided Frigidaire with the opportunity to gain more accurate consumer information, without the need for manual input from Business Reply Card registration processes, while providing eful product education for their customers.

    Partnered with MediaKube LLC

    The Qualcomm Story

    Qualcomm used the eBridge Arc Webcard to deliver their Snapdragon training and certification program into its worldwide markets.

    The Qualcomm Arc Webcard supports 16 languages and facilitates two primary objectives. It delivers a multimedia Snapdragon training program into the hands of remote salespeople and it integrates with alcomm's Q-Insight online training environment. Cardholders can use the Webcard to take the Snapdragon training and get their certification, and they can also use their card to access additional alcomm training programs within the Q-Insight environment.

    "Sony's eBridge Arc gave us a cool unique, portable and innovative way not only to deliver our Snapdragon trainings but more importantly to intuitively and dynamically asure results... in a behind-the-scenes, no 'heavy lifting' way. Brilliant."

    Andrea Hogan Sr. Marketing Manager, Qualcomm

    Agency: Digitaria

    The Google Story

    Google, a huge medium for affordable and efficient online ad space, wanted to provide smaller companies with the opportunity to take advantage of their new platform called Google AdWords.

    In order to reach the intended audience, Google AdWords was mailed to recipients on an eBridge personalized disc. After inserting the disc, recipients were brought to a welcome screen and given a rtual tour through Google AdWords.

    As incentive, recipients were offered an eVoucher, which could be saved on the desktop with the click of the mouse for easy purchasing.

    The direct mail program was primarily marketed toward small and medium-sized companies and reached 50,000 establishments across Europe. The results surpassed the expectations of Google.

    Developed in conjunction with agency KloseDetering for Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

    The Porsche Story

    Porsche enlisted Sony DADC to create a second eBridge Direct Mail campaign initiative. The pages of the accompanying print brochure were dramatically decreased, to place emphasis on the personalized d interactive eBridge content.

    The idea behind this is that people are more likely to interact with the product than respond to the call to action somewhere on a cover letter or brochure. The program is highly engaging, which excites e consumer with the product, and it's completely tied-in to the online world. The mailer included a five-page brochure with disc pocket and a cover letter.

    Clicking through the interactive DVD, the recipient is treated to a behind-the-wheel video presentation that replicates the high-velocity rush of a racetrack test drive. Clicking further, a prompt gged "models" lets recipients view specific details about the entire Cayenne series. The program delivers recipients directly to the Porsche Cayenne website "Colorator" tool, which lets consumers view e Cayenne model of their choice in any available color, including exterior and interior views. Finally, the program also has a feature that takes recipients to a prefilled data page that dispatches eir information to Porsche with a single click.

    The Pearl Jam Story

    Sony DADC worked together with the Ten Club (Pearl Jam) to design and deliver a global release using eBridge for its physical media and digital versions of the band's Backspacer release.

    The band wanted the ability to offer variable content for each of the versions. eBridge provides Ten Club with the ability to dynamically manage both the on-disc menu messaging and the content ogramming assigned to each of the release segments. This includes exclusive downloadable concert recordings from the band's vault and the delivery of Rock Band PS3 and XBOX game codes.

    The eBridge managed programming can be modified at any point in the lifecycle of the release, providing an evergreen solution for content management.

    The Abbott Story

    Abbott's goal was to raise awareness of the Hepatology 360 program among healthcare professionals, and encourage registration to the program. They required a custom solution to be distributed to tendees of Hepatology Live, an international, expert-led symposium promoting the program.

    Litmus, the name of Abbott's hepatology initiative, used the eBridge Arc hand-out piece designed to encourage professionals to sign up to the Hepatology 360 program. The compact hand-out included p's eBridge Arc technology which enabled Abbott to deliver rich media content into the hands of professionals. Through plugging the Arc into a computer USB port, users were instantly taken to Abbott's -line branded interface where they could experience the Hepatology 360 video preview, download the prospectus and register for the program. The interface seamlessly drives to online content where users n continue learning about the program in a fast, secure and compliant way.

    The eBridge Arc solution successfully engaged with healthcare professionals, motivating them to register for the Hepatology 360 program. An impressive 20.3% response rate has been achieved for Abbott us far, with 42.85% of professionals who plugged in the eBridge Arc device registering for membership. The solution continues to encourage registration for the Hepatology 360 initiative.

    The Showtime Story

    Showtime has become known for their daring, award-winning original programming and wanted to engage DVD buyers with unique material and promotions that would match viewer's high expectations.

    To reward the purchase of box sets of shows such as 'The L Word,' 'The Tudors,' and 'Dexter,' an eBridge enhanced disc included a printable coupon and other unique content. Measurable sampling of owtime programs – with full-length episodes of other shows, along with exclusive video streaming – encouraged subscriptions to the premium cable channel. Sweepstakes incentivized viewers to ke action. eBridge also built in product activation and a survey.

    The cost-effective program provided a coupon response rate ranging from 13-31% on coupon redemption depending on title. Showtime was able to rate the effectiveness of content, incentives and omotions firsthand.

    The Sony Blu-Ray Story

    Sony Electronics Blu-ray disc players are packaged with an eBridge product registration disc. The disc is included along with the traditional paper manual, inserts, and warranty information.

    After loading the disc, respondents are taken through a user-friendly product registration page to register their new Blu-ray disc player. The unique ID of the eBridge disc was used to auto-fill the oduct model and serial number upon consumer registration. Additionally, the disc provides a digital product manual, FAQs, a Blu-ray movie browser, information about other products, and direct links to e Sony Style website.

    This effort was made in order to increase the consumer product registration rate over other methods, all the while keeping in line with Sony's brand initiative and consumer expectations.

    The campaign yielded a response rate that was higher than expected. There was an uplift in product registration responses over other traditional methods and a higher usage rate of the eBridge Product gistration solution with other products.

    Partnered with MediaKube, LLC

    The Sony Bravia Story

    eBridge Product Registration discs are included in-box with Sony Electronics Bravia televisions. The disc is included together with the traditional paper manual, inserts, and warranty information. The and MAC compatible Product Registration disc guides the consumer through easy-to-use steps to register their new Bravia Television. In addition, the product registration disc provides the consumer th digital versions of their product manual, tutorial videos on High Definition and on how to configure their home entertainment systems, as well as co-marketing materials for other High Definition oducts, with direct links to the Sony Style website.

    Sony Electronics was seeking to increase the consumer product registration rate over traditional paper, web and call-center methods, and to do so in a smart and intelligent way, consistent with the Sony and initiative and consumer expectations.

    The Sony Bravia eBridge Product Registration program has exceeded the expectations defined at the program outset, with a response rate that more than triples the response in product registration rough traditional methods. The eBridge Product Registration solution for Sony Electronics has been replicated in other territories and with other products.

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